Essay Samples

Essay SamplesIndeed, the quality of your essays can make the crucial difference between acceptance and rejection.

Admissions committees rely heavily on personal essays because they must select a limited number of candidates from a pool of thousands of qualified applicants. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to make the most of this opportunity, submitting essays that are bland and lifeless or, even worse, poorly constructed and filled with basic writing errors.

I can make a dramatic improvement in any essay or statement of purpose. I’ve helped hundreds of students enter top programs in medicine, law, business administration, and dentistry, among others. My clients have been admitted to professional programs at Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Berkeley, and other highly competitive colleges and universities.

The most difficult aspect of writing admissions essays is the tendency to lose track of what you’re trying to say. I can bring a fresh eye to your project and quickly overcome the problems that are keeping your essays from presenting your qualifications in the most appealing light.

How it works: send me your draft via email file attachment. I will evaluate your essay and provide you with a prompt estimate. After you approve my estimate and make payment arrangements, I will begin work on your essay, eliminating extraneous details, strengthening important points, and reorganizing sentences and paragraphs for maximum impact.

Fees for rewriting application essays depend on length and complexity. On average, I charge about $120 to rewrite a single-page, single-spaced essay (approximately 600 words). Payment must be guaranteed in advance by VISA or MasterCard or cash deposit.

“Can’t you just write my essay for me?”

I will not write your essays for you. Doing so would not only be unethical, it would also do you a great disservice. Your truth is more powerful than my fiction. Don’t worry about what to include and what to cut. Just send me your rough draft; I’ll turn it into a clear, concise, persuasive essay, one that will improve your chances dramatically.

“What should I include in my essay?”

Most application packages explain in detail what information you should provide. A general statement of purpose usually includes the following elements:
1) personal and family background, including special circumstances or hardships;
2) academic background, including favorite subjects, experiences that inspired you to pursue your chosen field, and any academic hardships;
3) your career plans;
4) work and/or volunteer experience; and
5) why you wish to attend the program to which you are applying. Depending on your specific situation, some of these categories will be more important than others. If in doubt, write more than you need and decide what to keep later.